The Best a Cat Can Get


We all love our fury friends and we only want the best for them. When looking for cat litter a lot of things come to mind. Some of these might be:

  • Is this safe for my beloved cat?
  • What happens if whiskers where to eat it?
  • Will it make a mess or leave paw marks all over my house?
  • Will it create a nice dry bed for my cat to use?
  • And will it eliminate the smell of having an indoor cat? 

At Matutu Milling we have all the answers!

Is it safe?

The main ingredient in Matutu’s cat litters is Attapulgite clay. The Attapulgite used is a naturally occurring white absorbent clay mined and produced in Mabeskraal in the North West. This clay has some amazing characteristics. Being a totally natural product it is safe to use in litter boxes and will not harm or burn your cats feet

What if your cat ingested some of the clay?

Attapulgite has been used as a cure for diarrhea for many years and is thus safe for human and animal consumption. Due to is abortive properties it binds the stomach and assisting with nutrient absorption. It has also been proven to reduce alpha toxins in the gut. Attapulgite is frequently used as a feed additive to various animal feeds. Crystal cat litter uses the same ingredients as silica gel desiccants, like the ones typically found in those little packets in your new shoes. The manufactures of these cat litters claim that they are totally safe to ingest but maybe it is something to consider next time you go out to buy your cat litter.

Is the product dusty and will it leave paw marks? 

Matutu’s cat litter is produced in state of the art drying facility. This industrial process ensures, unlike our competitors who sun dry there product, that Clean Cat is totally dry and dust free. It product contains no fibrous silica which can cause respiratory deceases in humans and animals.

Will it dry effectively?

Clean Cat has been tested against its closest competitors in the South African market and the results are impressive. When measuring drying efficiency we look at the amount that the material can absorb compared to its own mass before becoming saturated. For example a clay that absorbs 50% will absorb 500g of water for every 1 000g material used. 



And here are the results: 

  • Competitor 1 – 50% of its own mass absorbed 
  • Competitor 2 – 77% of its own mass absorbed
  • Matutu Milling’s Clean Cat – 82%!! of its own mass absorbed

The reason for this impressive performance is due to the purity of the litter. Attapulgite is a white clay when dry, the whiter the more pure. It is thus easy to compare clay based on its color.

Will it eliminate smell?

Attapulgite has the unique property of having a charged needle like structure. What it means is that when viewed under a microscope the clay has little straws that can suck up fluids. The charge on these straws also act like magnets trapping the fluid inside. These factors combined creates a mineral that traps bacteria and ammonia eliminating smells.


If you want piece of mind product that out preforms local alternatives then Matutu Milling’s Clean Cat litter is the answer. 

Available in 5 & 10kg bags.