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CalSorb™ is Matutu Milling’s Flagship product. CalSorb™ is a Low Volatile Matter (LVM) Attapulgite product. This product is produced by heating the Attapulgite clay to high temperatures in a process called calcining. 

CalSorb™ is unique in that it retains the great absorptive properties of the Regular Volatile Matter (RVM) Attapulgite but gains mechanical strength. At the same time the high temperature process also heat activates the clay. These combined properties give CalSorb™ the ability to be used in a wide variety of applications. These include:

  • Pesticide Carrier Medium
  • Motor Oil Cleaner
  • Jet Fuel Cleaner
  • Diesel Cleaner
  • Bleaching Earth

CalSorb™ is available in a variety of granular sizes. 

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