Matutu Milling Helping young upstarts

Matutu Milling as always been an active part of the Mabeskraal community. Its latest community involvement project has been the establishment of a small new business venture with Ms. Lynette Botlhe Ositilwe, a young female entrepreneur that showed great promise. Ms. Ositilwe approached the Matutu Management team looking for an business opportunity, we quickly saw that she had a great drive and started thinking about what she could sell or market for us, or maybe some other improvement that she could help with. That is when a new plan fell into place.

At the beginning of 2020 Matutu realized that it had a lot of broken bulk bags. These bags are used for the sell of the various Matutu Milling products, but over the years some of the damaged bags where starting to pile up. Matutu wanted first to pay to dispose of these bags but due to the location of the mine this would be a very costly exercise and this was where Ms. Ositilwe came into play. 

When a bag gets a small hole the bag can no longer be used as the material is granular and would leak out, but these bags can still be used for the collection and transport of other goods like recycled paper, cans and bottles. We thus offered the bags to Ms. Ositilwe for free and she quickly jumped into action sorting the different bags. 

So in summery this just goes to show that the old statement is true, one mans trash can really be another treasure. Ms. Ositilwe as effectively saved Matutu Milling money, cleaned up the environment by reusing waste while still creating an opportunity for herself. A great entrepreneur with a great spirit. We here at Matutu wishes her all the best in her future ventures and look forward to working together in the future.   

If you are looking for used Bulk Bags in the Mabeskraal area you are welcome to contact her on 066 419 6227 or  073 885 8348

One thought on “Matutu Milling Helping young upstarts

  1. My sme is based in Mabeskraal just along the road am running internet cafe and I have pot plants businesses on the side some of the community based employees at Matutu milling are my customers, the guys who are doing wood project supported by Matutu milling are using my services thanks for creating this opportunity that assist to grow my businesses , but need to grow more on my pot plant department that’s were I need assistance from Matutu milling any assistance I will appreciates to grow my locally based business when am associated I will be able to hire some of the community members to assist on creating jobs …I will archive this when I have assistance from you guys …Training to grow pot plant department in my businesses or any funding to do so I will be glad …I have been tracking your contribution in the community from 2013 I have attended your representations at the tribal hall even if it was not easy sometimes , but I choose to focus on the positive you are doing to take part to create opportunity for the community..

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