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South African attapulgite clay absorbents supplier

Welcome to Matutu Milling

Matutu Milling is a Attapulgite mine based just outside of Mabeskraal in the North West Province of South Africa. Matutu produces world class Attapulgite base products for all your absorbing needs.

Matutu Clay Mine was established in 1996 and the mine right was converted in the early 2000’s. Matutu has more than a million ton known reserve. The Attapulgite reserve is very pure and thus produces great preforming products. 

Matutu Milling has two operational processes. These two process are used to create Regular Volatile Matter (RVM) and Low Volatile Matter (LVM) products respectively.

Matutu also has a packing line which can pack both LDPE as well as Woven polypropylene bags.


Matutu Millings mission is to not only produce great quality products at competitive prices but to offer specialized customer focused solutions, whilst mining and operating in a safe, structured and inclusive way.


Matutu Millings vision is to, as part of the Metteq group, build a international recognized company. Bringing new opportunities to South Africa and the communities it serves.  


The Team

Dewald Haasbroek – Managing Director

Dewald is the Managing Director of Matutu Milling and has been with the company since 2013

Being qualified as a Metallurgical Engineer he heads the technical support for Matutu Milling as well as being responsible for the day to day management of the company. 

Contact Dewald for any technical queries


Gerbrand Haasbroek – Metteq Founder and Group CEO

Gerbrand is the Group CEO of Metteq Holdings. Gerbrand as a qualified Metallurgical with extensive experience he forms part of the technical team as a technical advisory.   

Stefan van Wyk – Administrative and Logistics Manager

Stefan van Wyk is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly at Matutu Milling. 

Contact Stefan for logistics matters

Gilbert Ramafoko – Production Coordinator

Gilbert Ramafoko is Matutu’s Production Coordinator and responsible for ensuring that products are produced according to specification and produced on time.  

Matutu Milling froms part of the MetteQ Family