Matutu’s New Product Range

Part of Matutu’s vision has always been to branch out in many new sectors. It is thus with pride that we are announcing our new product range today!

At the beginning of 2021 Matutu Milling embarked on the commissioning of its new milling facility. This facility is setup to produce several new products. These include the following:


This is Matutu’s own bonding agent which can be used in the manufacturing of Ferrochrome.


This is Matutu’s new and exciting Viscosity and Rheology modifier. ViscoMod can be used in a variety of applications including the manufacturing of fertilizers, paints and coatings.


AtBleach is Matutu’s own brand bleaching earth. Atbleach is a natural unactivated bleaching earth which is suited for the bleaching of Palm, Coconut and Corn oils


Matutu has also added a new Low Volatile Matter product called SAkadama. SAkadama is used as growing media for Bonsai Trees. SAkadama is typically mixed with Pumice, Pine bark and Perlite to create the ideal growth mix for each trees individual needs. SAkadama promotes moisture retention and drainage whilst being light weight. These unique properties increases root growth and branch development.


Below we have attached a PDF document which briefly describes each of our new products together with our existing product range.

For any additional information don’t hesitate to contact our offices @ 011 824 4600 or email