Matutu mine has been actively mining and processing Attapulgite clay in the Mabeskraal area in the North West province of South Africa since the 1990’s. The mine has reserves of more than 1 million tons ensuring continuity of supply for the foreseeable future. Our reserves are of a very high quality, making them ideally suited for many technical applications.

In 2017, an expansion project was started that will increase drying capacity from approximately 1600 tons to over 3000 tons per month. This will then also create additional calcine capacity to more than 300 tons per month. A further continuous milling plant will also to be constructed in the next two years. Two packaging lines have also been installed, enabling Matutu Milling to pack and heat seal products in PE bags from 2.5 kg to 10 kg. This complements the bulk bag and woven polypropylene packaging capability.


This versatile mineral is better known as Fuller’s earth, named after the man that found its use as a cat litter in 1893. Its excellent absorption capabilities keep the cat boxes dry and odour free.

Attapulgite is a needle-like clay mineral composed of magnesium-aluminium phyllosilicate, (Mg, Al)2Si4O10(OH)•4(H2O), giving it its high absorption capacity. It absorbs close to 100% of its weight in water.

  • Cat litter
  • Desiccants
  • Chemical absorbent – for example to absorb cut worm chemicals in the agricultural industry
  • Granulation binder
  • Suspension agent for liquid fertilisers
  • Bleaching earth for edible oils
  • Cleaning of jet fuels
  • Absorbent of oils/grease – ideal in your garage to clean up spills (spill kits)
  • Poultry and animal bedding
  • Soil conditioner
  • Additive to animal feeds
  • Oil drilling muds

Matutu Milling can supply all the moisture and calcined grades in different particle sizes for the above applications.

Matutu forms part of MetteQ Holdings